Lindsay E. Dvorak

Front of House Director

The meet-and-greeter, the pavement pounder, and booking coordinator.

(303) 656-9930 lindsay@coloradotruckie.com

Bruno M. Salvatico

Tech. Executive

Manager, developer, and innovater of every 0 & 1.

(303) 656-9930 bruno@coloradotruckie.com *Hablo Español

We are here to grow strong, not fast. The people we have to support are not just here for the next couple years, they are here for the long haul; so, we treat our business the same way – without compromising a thing.


I love food trucks because they are a unique type of small business, an anomaly. Whether you’re having the same truck at a new location, or a new truck at the same location, it always feels like a fresh, new experience.


Our Story

Like the White Stripes, we are a two-man band.

We were once just a couple of people working for the man until one day, the Meg White of our duo, was let go from her job in the hotel industry. That same day, we left the Mile High state to take a spontaneous road trip up and down the entire East Coast – from Key West to Portland, Maine. This turned into a much more significant trip than we had planned – it became the catalyst for us to start our own business. This is when Colorado Truckie was born. (Now, we can’t remember if the word “truckie” came to us while scrambling some morning eggs, or if during a night of many drinks, but we think the world became a little bit brighter, a little more colorful, since.)

Our Mission

To Grow Strong, not Fast

Driven by the passion for supporting small, local businesses, Colorado Truckie has quickly grown to be the product of what we learned the food truck community needed most. We have evolved into offering a home for an ever growing community, food truck booking services, many technology solutions for the industry, all while staying true to our original course – advocating for food trucks every step of the way.