About Us

Colorado Truckie is a local business that focuses around bringing community to the food truck industry in the front range of Colorado. By building strength in numbers, we are able to deliver a service that allows the public to more easily connect with food trucks for their catering needs.

In addition, we are able to leverage that strength in numbers to work together, as small business owners, and compete with larger entities.

Our Story

We started as a couple of foodies hunting down one specific food truck who ended up discovering the amazing food truck scene in Colorado.

Since then, we have worked on multiple food trucks and met dozens of the owners that make the Colorado food truck industry so great.

The rest, as they say, is history…

Our Mission

We believe that every great event should include food trucks. Our mission is to make it easier to connect you with food trucks that make your event great!

We want to achieve this by bringing you a platform where you can easily connect with the delicious food trucks Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and the rest of the front range has to offer.

Contact Us

Lindsay E. Dvorak


The meet-and-greeter and booking coordinator. lindsay@coloradotruckie.com

Bruno M. Salvatico


Outreach, website and marketing. bruno@coloradotruckie.com