Food Truck Catering

We believe that every great event should include food trucks. That’s why our food truck catering service is here to help you find food trucks for any event, big or small.

How It Works

Step 1

Pick A Form

Choose between one of our two options of “Un-Managed” or “Managed” forms based on your needs

Step 2

Fill It Out

Provide as much detailed information as you can to find the best fit for your event(s).

Step 3

Book Your Truck 🙂

Food trucks and/or Colorado Truckie will be notified based on the information you provided.

Un-Managed (Option #1)

Get connected with multiple food trucks with one, easy, free form.

This free option allows you to reach multiple food trucks just by filling out one simple form. If the food trucks are interested and available, they will reach out to you directly.

  • Easily reach multiple food trucks by filling out one simple form.
  • We’ll ask for your event details, then food trucks that match your requests will be emailed right away.
  • This service is 100% free and as our food truck community grows, this tool will become more and more efficient.

Managed (Option #2)

Hire Colorado Truckie to Help With Your Food Truck Catering Needs!

We reserve the right to turn any Managed Submission into an Un-Managed submission should we decide it is in the best interest of either party.

Organizing your own event can be really stressful and confusing when doing it by yourself; that’s why we are happy to jump on board to help take some of that weight off of your shoulders!


How can this benefit you?

  • We have received hundreds of events and worked with dozens of local food trucks to help cater events just like yours – an expertise you can count on.
  • We handle all of the communication with the food trucks so you don’t have to worry!
  • As a trusted third party, we ensure that you and the food trucks are being taken care of. We’ll create any of the paperwork necessary to guarantee you peace of mind.

Our management fee starts at $250 for a one day event needing one to two food trucks and we accept one-day events, consecutive multi-day events, and everything in between! Click our Submission Form button for more details.


Check out our directory to find food trucks in Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and more!