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Become part of Colorado’s fastest growing food truck community!

We believe that creating community and building strength in numbers is the key to being competitive in the massive industry that is food and catering. When you become a member of the Truckie Network you are investing in a community that reinvest in itself.  We bring you events, industry partnerships, discounts and meetups. To learn more about who we are, check out our About Us page. To check out what our membership offers, see below!

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Daily Emails With Events Around Colorado

We send you detailed automated emails of people looking for food trucks like your for their upcoming events based on your location and cuisine.

Access To The Event Calendar

Once you create an account, you will have access to the event calendar with all of the upcoming events that have been submitted.

Partnerships & Discounts

We have developed partnerships with web developers, food suppliers, POS providers and more! This is where that strength in number comes into play and we are able to leverage our community to benefit everyone!

Customize Your Directory Profile

Upon request, we will customize your profile page to add things like additional images, your menu, and a contact form that will go straight to your email. Click Here to see an example.

Membership Cost: $100 /year

For only $100 per year you can become a part of our community. Think about it, if you get one event or are able to take advantage of one discount, it pays for your whole membership!