Top Five Things to Know When You Hire a Food Truck (2018)

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Food trucks are everywhere these days, and it can spark inspiration in people like you to consider including them at future events. Before you hire a food truck for your next event, here are some things to keep in mind and help the process be more stress-free!

These are the five things you should know before you hire a food truck!


1. Minimums

Your event is much more likely to get picked up by food trucks if you guarantee a minimum. A minimum is basically an agreement with a food truck that states you will guarantee the food truck will make at least a certain amount of gross revenue (this number can change from truck-to-truck).

For example, let’s say you book ABC food truck for an event and you guarantee them a minimum of $750. At the end of the event, you and the truck discuss what they made; if their figures are any amount below that $750, you would pay the difference. Should the food truck exceed that agreed-upon number, then there is nothing for you to do and you are good-to-go!

2. Headcount

When looking to hire a food truck, having an accurate head count is vital to make sure a truck can go to an event well-prepared. Giving too low a number could cause a food truck to run out of food too soon, while giving a number too high could cause a food truck throw away food in waste.

Also, getting to know how many people a food truck can serve in hour increments can help you figure out how many trucks you’ll need for your event. A well seasoned food truck can crank out about 50 orders per hour. Keep that in mind when calculating how many food trucks you will need for your event.

3. Permitting

Food trucks are required to take care of their own permitting, insurance, and licensing just like any other business. However, you are welcome to ask for copies of these things – especially copies of insurance that show your event’s address as the “Additionally Insured” for extra peace of mind.

Also, if your event is on public property, check with your local Parks & Recreation and/or Special Events Office to confirm if your event can include trucks in your festivities.

Food truck with a long line of people in a sunny Denver day

Gryos King food truck at TEDxMileHigh Denver, CO

4. Location

Here in the state of Colorado, it is an understatement to say that there are a lot of different types of venues to book an event in – another thing food trucks must consider. Depending on your city and county, different licenses and laws are in place for food trucks. Different kinds of location (i.e. public and private) can play a huge role in your event’s ability to include food trucks.

Locations in the mountains and not along the Denver Metro Corridor can be tricky for some trucks to get to. Before you hire a food truck, always be very upfront with your event’s address so you can easily vet which trucks are able to make it over the passes or not.

5. Weather

This may sound like a no-brainer, I know, but let me tell you why weather can be such a big factor in the food truck world.

Food trucks are basically just lightning rods, so it is safest for everyone in and near the truck to suspend service until the storm has passed.

Many food trucks like to work the most in the summertime because of the mild, predictable weather. When the cold weather does eventually come, it’s freezing temperatures can be a huge concern to any food truck owner. In the state of Colorado, food trucks are required to have running water to work; so, when the outside temperatures drop below 20°, trucks run the risk of frozen water lines – a big no-no.

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