These are just a few local businesses that we work with and root for!


Hire and get hired on Sirvo, the fastest growing job board and recruitment platform for the restaurant, retail and hospitality industry. Sirvo and Colorado Truckie have partnered to bring food truck owners unlimited job postings. All you have to do is become a Truckie Network member.


We offer Software Solutions and Consulting Services for all industries; putting emphasis on highly usable, innovative designs that aren’t just created to solve problems; but to propel CHANGE. LiveACID and Colorado Truckie are working together to bring the food truck industry a POS/Management System that is built for the specific needs of the food truck owner.

Food Maven

FoodMaven is an innovative food distributor that is reshaping the way restaurants and institutions save money on food costs. Our food system is an incredible thing! It’s extremely good at producing a huge amount of food and getting that food to people across the country. However, it’s really bad at ensuring all of that food gets used. The result is a tremendous amount of “lost food.” FoodMaven is capturing this oversupply, imperfect and local food – “lost food” – and bringing it to you at a significantly reduced cost.


Phoodio offers an easy way to automate many of food trucks daily tasks from locations updates, calendar synchronization, and social media posts. For food truck fans, this means opening the app to find their favorite food truck’s schedule and location. – Eat Local, App Local.