Quiero Arepas

“Confident in their abilities and the beauty of simple, clean and natural ingredients…QUIERO AREPAS® was born. Quiero Arepas® is committed to using produce that comes from local farmers, local and all natural meats, cheese from local cheese makers, supporting fellow small business owners and hiring local/independent labor.  The entire menu is always 100% natural and certified gluten-free. The Quiero Arepas® truck “Arepita” is powered by natural gas so it is a low emission vehicle and also part of the clean energy program.”

Posted on: http://quieroarepas.com/about-us/

Looking to Book a Food Truck?

Food trucks are the perfect way to spice up your next event! Whether it is a corporate catering, wedding, private party or public event, we make it easy to get you connected with food trucks.

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